Creative Commons & LRMI MediaWiki Metadata Extension
As part of the (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative) UntrikiWiki was chosen to develop a MediaWiki extension to allow the use of markup in Wikitext. As part of the grant, UntrikiWiki advocates for the usage of the open-source extension HTML Tags on wikis.


OCLC Wikipedian in Residence and Research Assistant
Algorithmic metadata integration project between OCLC data aiding existing Wikipedia efforts.Member service outreach and education.


T324 Private Business Wiki with Customized Extensions
Modified MediaWiki in conjunction with staff to incorporate business features such as Ideas and Research page linking backend. Developed taxonomy and community practices to instill the Wiki as the center and oracle of business knowledge.
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OaklandWiki Database and Template Design Volunteerism
Drafted multi-page multi-media template structure, earning recognition at Code for Oakland 2012. Architected local services database in conjunction with Youth Uprising program to employ High School youth while educating them in Wiki practices.


iSchool at Berkeley Wikipedia Editing Courses
Taught UC Berkeley course Politics of Piracy for 4 semesters as a founding participant of Wikipedia’s Education strategy. Having re-imagined Wikipedia education for undergraduates the course generated top content that earned it’s instructors the Innovator Award at Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit 2011.