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LRMI Implementation Cases Study: Untrikiwiki

As part of the Creative Commons LRMI project that UntrikiWiki completed last year, external case studies were commissioned. Lorna Campbell of the Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards in the UK (Cetis, were contracted to interview us and publish a case study of our work – you can read it at: ....

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Not Lost: Recovering Data and Making PDFs from MediaWiki

Untrikiwiki this week received a call from a legal forensics team, which can’t be named because of confidentiality,  requiring immediate help in recovering a Wiki. This ask was a new project for us, as we had never done data recovery before. The aim was to recover two Wikis from database dumps and then convert each page that matched a list of search terms to PDF. Since these Wikis were using unknown extensions, and modified settings...

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Understanding User Behaviour: T324’s Private Wiki One Year Later

In honour of the T324 wiki that we built celebrating its one year anniversary,  I decided to look at some of its usage statistics to understand user behaviour one year on. Results are encouraging. One immediately impressive report to note is the daily usage of the wiki. Scrolling back through the recent changes feature of MediaWiki one sees editing on 14 of the last 20 work days.  This is very promising to see wiki editing as a daily habit,...

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Lessons Learned From the Implementation of LRMI on Wikimedia Wikis

Lessons Learned From the Implementation of LRMI on Wikimedia Wikis For LRMI to be pervasive among all educational resources it needs to describe both traditional and open peer-produced content alike. Convincing traditional publishers to adopt LRMI usually only takes one stakeholder to be sold on the idea. But convincing open content communities can mean gaining consensus among many contributors in an online forum. In September 2012 the...

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